A Modern Apprenticeship is paid employment with the opportunity to train and learn on the job. It is an exciting way of gaining skills and qualifications and will help learners start a career without having to study full-time. The qualification is usually divided into three parts:

The main part of your Modern Apprenticeship is a Scottish Vocational Qualification. This is a framework of mandatory and optional units that your assessor will show you during your induction. You can also find each specific qualification by clicking the SVQ button above. In addition, you may have to achieve the necessary Core Skills that are required for the qualification. They vary depending on subject and level of your Modern Apprenticeship. Lastly, you may have to achieve an enhancement too. In some cases this may be an additional SVQ unit or a Core Skill at a higher level. Your assessor will work with you to achieve all the requirements in each section. If you would like to find out more about your framework click the link below.